Tuning A Lure

06 May Tuning A Lure

Have you ever tried tuning a lure?  It’s always worth checking out how your lure performs and tuning it before heading out on the water.

Out of the package a lot of factory baits can be improved with a few simple steps. First of all one thing is to upgrade the hooks and and a good idea is to add a dressed hook to the end of your bait. You can buy dressed hooks or if you want you can make your own with various types of feathers and tinsel. Adding the feathers will slow the action of the bait down a little and when you pause the bait the feathers then to undulate enticing that finicky fish to bite.

Tuning Your Baits - FishHunterAnother thing to check is to make sure your bait is balanced properly. Now if your buying $25 to $30 baits they will most likely be tuned perfectly right out of the package, but if your like most fisherman you like to save a few bucks, and likely raid the discount bin at your local tackle shop.

It’s always a good idea to use a pail or bowl of water and take a few minutes to see if your bait is balanced. Just take your bait and place it in the water, make sure all the bubbles are off of it and see if it suspends like it is supposed to. If  a bait is not balanced or sinking like it is supposed to you can simply add some little stick on weights. If it’s nose light add a little weight to the nose or if its tail light then just do the opposite, just play with it in the take to tweak those baits and make them perfect.

With a little bit of work you can make those cheaper baits perform just as well as the much more expensive ones.