Split Ring Fishing Rod Hack

16 Apr Split Ring Fishing Rod Hack

Taking care of your equipment is a key part of the fishing experience, not just for your gear but for your safety and the safety of others.

You don’t always want to take your lure off your rod when you’re done using it or switching rods. Most rods have a nice little eye (sometimes called a fish hook keeper) down by the handle for you to hook your lure to to keep it tight to the rod. But (for some strange reason) some rods don’t have this. We’ve got a simple fix.

Fish Hook Keeper

Take one of your old lures and take the split ring (the loop that attaches your hook to the lure) and attach it to your rod (near the handle) using a zip tie and voila.

Split Ring Fishing Rod Hack

This hack will take you all of about 3 minutes to do and can save you from tangled rods and, even worse, injury.

Fish Hook Injury