Tackle Organizing Tips

Organize Your Hooks With A Safety Pin

13 Apr Tackle Organizing Tips

Having a messy and un-organized tackle box is definitely a contributing factor to not catching as many fish as you can. Spending more time with your line in the water and less time trying to find your equipment can do nothing but improve your chances.

This is one of the coolest and simplest tackle organizing tips we’ve seen.


Using a safety pin to store and keep your fishing hooks separate.


Tackle Organizing Tips - Tangled Fish Hooks

We’ve all been there, with a snagged or tangled line when, you know for a fact, there’s a fish in the area. You need to re-tie a new hook in a hurry and get your line back in the water.

Every second counts because time is off the essence. The last thing you want to do is fight tangled hooks in your tackle box. One thing we know for certain, you’ll never catch a fish when your line isn’t in the water.

Having a well organized fishing tackle really does help – especially when you’re flustered, frustrated and in a hurry.

Using a safety pin to organize and keep your hooks from getting tangled is one of the best (and cheap) tackle organizing tips that every angler should use.

Tackle Organizing Tips - Safety Pins for Fish Hooks

So do it now. Go to that drawer in your house that has all the odds and ends in it. Grab a couple of safety pins and organize your fish hooks. It’ll take 5 minutes now and save you hours (over time) on the water.

Fish hook storage isn’t the only thing fishing related you can do with a safety pin. Check out this article from The Camping Survival Blog on how to make a fish hook from a safety pin.

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