Cork Fishing Rod Handle Repair

01 Jun Cork Fishing Rod Handle Repair

Sometimes the cork handle of your fishing rod can take a beating, and overtime you may end up with come cracks or chucks missing. Here is a really simple and cost effective way to fix it yourself. All you need is some regular white glue and some cork.

The easiest way to get some cork is to head to the dollar store and get some cork discs that are meant for placing hot food on. You can also use a bottle cork if you have any laying around. Just carve and grind the cork up into little bits,you should end up with some powder and some heavier bits.

The next step is to take a little dab of your glue and line the hole in your rod with with it just to make sure you get a good adhesion when you add the glue and cork mixture in. Now just scoop up some of your mixture and press it into the hole, you don’t need to be perfect here, just make sure you have the hole a little overfilled.

Don’t worry once the mixture dries the white color will disappear and from there just give it a light sanding to make it smooth and your rod will look good as new.


Materials needed for this Fishing Hack :

  • Cork – Hot plate of bottle cork
  • White Glue
  • Utility knife – to cut up little piece of the cork
  • 120 Grit Sandpaper