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30 Sep Anglers In Frenzy Over Exotic Fish Invasion

In South California there are El-Niño like conditions brewing and with them are coming a kaleidoscope of exotic fish usually only seen off the coast of Mexico.Needless to say Californians are taking advantage of the excellent fishing not seen since 1997.Here are some spectacular catches...

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09 Sep Archaeologists Land World’s Oldest Fish Hook

 (*scale=millimeters)The international weekly journal of science Nature has reported that Archaeologists have unearthed the world’s oldest fish hooks at a site in East Timor, near Indonesia.The fish hooks are made from sea shells and were discovered by Sue O’Connor, an archaeologist at the Australian National...

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16 Jul FishHunter Takes iCAST 2014

FishHunter is proud to show off our awesome fishfinder sonar at this year’s American Sportfishing Association iCAST Trade Show in Orlando, Florida.We have our booth set up and are ready to run demonstrations for anyone who has showed up to take in all the cool...

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08 Jul Classic Fishing Derby Cheats

Classic Fishing Derby Cheats Tournament fishing is an art form, and each angler is an artist that strives to become better by learning different techniques, gaining new abilities, and developing a unique style along the way. Tournaments are usually held in a specific marine location, and...

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24 Jun Two Very Different Fish Dinners

The good people behind the FishHunter blog are eating a lot of fish these days.  Yesterday I snapped a picture of my meal to help start off the new 'Fish Dinner' category here on the blog.  Now today I present readers with a vision of...

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17 Jun Space Crystals Needed for Magic Items

Space Crystals Needed for Magic ItemsBelieve it or not, scientists in white lab coats really do grow crystals to make electronics that are so advanced they seem like magic, and near perfect geometric mineral creations are now required for even more rapid calculations and energy...

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