Adding Flare To Your Soft Plastic Baits

13 Jun Adding Flare To Your Soft Plastic Baits

Sometimes adding a some  extra flare or texture to your soft plastic baits can give you that little extra edge to catching those finicky fish. By adding that bit of extra dimension and texture you can take an ordinary bait and add something that replicates fins or spines and this can make the bait look more realistic and appealing to a fish. Also when fish bites down on it, it can sometimes make the fish hold on just a bit longer for you to set the hook.

Dressed Up Baits

The quick and easy way is to add bucktail or feathers to your baits, you can get most of the supplies to do this from a fly fishing store and also make sure you pick up   a bait needle which you will need to thread the feathers or hair through the baits. There are really endless options for how you can modify your soft plastic baits and its a great thing to do when your just hanging out at home wishing you were fishing.